These soccer teams will have to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup from home


The 2018 FIFA World Cup is nearly here, but come kickoff, some international soccer superpowers will be watching the matches from home. Here are four soccer team that shockingly didn’t qualify for Russia:

  • One year back, Chile was positioned No. 4 on the planet. On account of some less than ideal poor play, they couldn’t make the last field of 32.
  • The Netherlands completed third in the 2014 FIFA World Cup and second in 2010, yet they’ve been depending on maturing players for some time, so in 2018 you won’t see their trademark orange by any means.
  • Maybe most stunning of all is Italy. The four-time World Cup champs haven’t missed the competition in 60 years, however the group that won everything in 2006 won’t win anything this time.
  • And of course, the United States might not have the same storied soccer history as some of these other nations — but the team was still expected to make the tournament with ease. Instead, a loss to the Caribbean nation Trinidad & Tobago back in October eliminated them from contention.

4 Best Soccer Teams not qualified for FIFA World Cup 2018

The good news for all these teams? They can still catch every single minute of FIFA World Cup live on

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